Season 2020-2021

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and co-directed by Michelle Banks & Nayte Paxton


The Youngers, an African-American family living in poverty in South Chicago, receives a $10,000 life insurance payout following the father’s death and now the family has to figure out what to do with the check.  Tensions escalate among the family members trying to realize their American dreams.  


Dates: November 16th-29th, 2020

Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street, NE, Washington, DC


Season 2021-2022

The Meeting by Jeff Stetson and directed by Nayte Paxton


The fictional meeting between Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X was set in a hotel in Harlem in 1965 to have a talk about the Civil Rights Movement.


Tentative Dates: November 15th-28th, 2021

Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street, NE, Washington, DC


A Not So Quiet Nocturne written and directed by Jaye Austin-Willams


A young African-American Deaf woman who has contracted AIDS from her dead husband, gave birth to an AIDS-infected baby.  After her baby’s passing, she must not only grapple with her family issues but help raise her nephew who has fallen victim to the lures of the urban streets -- the life that killed his father.


Tentative Dates: April/May 2022

Location: TBA

Season 2022-2023

Silent Scream by Jeffrey Bowden and directed by Michelle Banks

Two brothers, one Deaf and one Hearing, after years of separation, distrust and anger must find a way to be a family when they face the pain of losing their mother. Will they be able to share the feelings kept inside for years?

Tentative Dates: October/November 2023

Location: TBA

VOCA Ensemble

An actors’ ensemble travels to conduct workshops and give performances locally and nationally - Will commence in Fall 2021



VOCA provides various classes/workshops for interested persons of all ages from the community such as American Sign Language (ASL), Hip-Hop Dance, Animation/Art, ASL Poetry/Spoken Word, Leadership, TV Production, Yoga, and so forth. Most classes/workshops are offered during weekdays/evenings and weekends.  


Family StoryTime

VOCA provides a Saturday Matinee of Children’s Storytelling for families and children.   

Actor’s Training

VOCA provides a six-week intensive acting class (theater and on-camera) for serious actors and for those are interested in becoming actors.  Actors will learn a variety of disciplines in theater and film/TV (character development, scene study, monologues, improvisation, and so forth) by professional instructors.  We offer this class four times per year.


Interpreter’s Training for Stage

VOCA provides a three-week intensive hands-on stage training for all interpreters. 

Interpreters will learn the nuts and bolts of stage interpreting including voiceover/voicing and script translation by professional instructors.  We offer this class three times per year and interpreters can earn CEUs for taking this class.

Virtual Events

Postponed until further notice

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